One of the biggest issues in the Rent to own industry is the fact that it has no professional governing body, making it open to anyone who claim to be a rent to own expert. So how on Earth do you know what’s real and how do you know where to begin? The purpose of this blog post is to prepare anyone considering Rent to own with key questions that they should be asking BEFORE they consider entering a rent to own program.

These days, there are various rent to own companies – but who are they really? The first step in evaluating a Rent to Own Company is to look at the company and the people involved. Find out who owns the company and look for testimonials from happy clients. Here are a few things to other things consider:

How long have they been involved in Rent to Own?

Real estate investing of any kind requires expertise, knowledge and a great deal of experience.

Have they written anything about Rent to Own via a blog or other articles?

One way to evaluate the knowledge of a professional is to see what they’ve written on the subject. They must have some blogs, reviews or testimonials or their website and perhaps have written for other forums.

Though rent to own is a very realistic and beneficial path into homeownership, it’s important to ask questions and do your research before jumping in. These questions are at the core of what you should know before making the decision to enter into rent to own.