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A portion of your rent will go towards your down payment. We can help you save a minimum of $7,200 by the end of the term.


Looking for a new home? Down payment tied up in the sale? We can help.


Having difficulty meeting your current financial obligations? We can help you stay in your home.

Self Employed

Not showing enough income? We can help you get into a home now, giving you the time you need to claim more income.

New to Canada

Need time to establish credit or prove job security? Move into a home today and give yourself time during the term to establish yourself.


Your situation is not mentioned here. We still may be able to help. Please contact us to find out more info.

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Do You Qualify?

Household income of $75,000

Do you have a household income of $75,000. Sources include: salary, alimony, child support, pension and stated.

3 Months Time on Job Minimum

Have you been at your current job for a minimum of 3 months or are you out of the probationary period?

No Rural Properties

To ensure you are purchasing a property not only to live in, but as an appreciating asset, we consider homes close to major highways and shopping areas.

Saved or Gifted Down Payment

To ensure we can have you ready for home ownership by the end of the term (3 years) you will require an upfront down payment of 3%. Can be saved or gifted.

Past Credit Issues

Our program comes with a complementary credit repair program. If you were in a past bankruptcy or proposal, as long as you have been discharged, in most cases we can help.

Maintenance/Swimming Pools

Due to the uncontrollable increase in maintenance fees and insurance liabilities with swimming pools, we cannot consider these types of properties.


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John & Marla

John & Marla

Thank you to Rent 2 Own today. As a young family with 2 children, we were having a difficult time trying to get the 5% down payment. Rent to Own gave us the ability to have the other 2% saved for us when we paid our rent. Thank you Gary for finding us an amazing house!



The joys of being self employed. I didn't realize not claiming enough would have such a negative impact on my ability to buy a home. Rent to own allowed me the 3 year term I needed to claim and show more income. Thank you Darlene for taking the time to explain to me what the banks look for!

The Williams

The Williams

We started the program 3 years ago with 3% down and bad credit. We worked very hard to get the budget Darlene helped us with to work. We are happy to say we now own our home! It has been a great experience. Please call them- they are a very ethical and transparent company.

Keira & Tony

Keira & Tony

We arrived in Canada 3 months ago as landed immigrants. We did not realize the large down payment we would need as we did not have the history of credit we needed. We were looking for a rental and came across Rent2Own Today. Selena answered and was so helpful. She is wonderful and helped us get into a beautiful home.

Troy & Syliva

Troy & Syliva

A few years ago Troy lost his job and this caused major financial hardship. We had to do a bankruptcy and did not know we would not qualify once we were discharged. Darlene was very helpful explaining to us how to re-establish our credit. Best of all this was a free service offered to us once we got into the program. Thank you!

Karen & Jess

Karen & Jess

As a divorced, single stay at home mom I wanted to stay in the home my daughter grew up in. Gary was awesome! He was able to find someone to buy the house for myself & Jess, while using the equity in the home for a down payment. This has given me the time needed to prove to the bank I can qualify on my own at the end of the term. Thank you Rent 2 Own Today!



Phone: 289.660.4663

Fax: 1.888.767.4045


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Learn how to get closer to Home Ownership with only 3%!

Learn how to get closer to Home Ownership with only 3%!

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